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Thoughts about quality and agility in document processes.

About this Blog

Friday, October 12, 2018

This blog is about documents and how to make the document processes more fluent, agile and automatic.  

Dealing with documents requires a surprising amount of effort in many organizations, large and small.

Some topics of this blog:

  • Document usage processes, how to make them as smooth as possible for the users?
  • Tempate management processes, how to allow smooth changing of document templates?
  • Document production technologies, standards and architectures, how to design a long lasting document production architecture?

About us

Having our backgrounds in IT architectures, information systems, software development and project management, we’ve been dealing with document production needs in just about every project throughout our work history. During the past decade, we've been focused more and more in document production related matters.

In future postings we'll share our insight about the topics mentioned above. Hope you'll find some of it interesting.

Authors: Jouni Vierumäki and Ari Hakaste